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  • Date: 24/05/2023 10:00
  • Location: Masseria Salamina, Fasano, BR, Italia (Map)


7:30-9:30 Breakfast

Morning Session

10:00 12:00 Dense Dry Collisional Flow Hisao Hayakawa-Diego Berzi

Kinetic theory for moderately dense and dense flows of grains dominated by inelastic collisions and an overview of what more must be done to reach a reasonable physical description of them.

13:00-15:00  Lunch

Afternoon Session

15:00-17:00 Dense Dry Collisional Flow Barbara Turnbull-Patrick Richard

A review of laboratory experiments and numerical simulations on dense, dry and collisional granular flows and an indication of how the obtained results can be used to model geophysical flows such as landslides. We also discuss what must be done to arrive at a satisfactory understanding of the underlying physics of natural granular flows.

20:00 Dinner